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In Charlevoix, a menu… emu!

From the same family as the ostrich, but also from the kiwi, for nearly 25 years, the emu has been present in Saint-Urbain, as part of the Center de l'ému de Charlevoix (CEC). But for two years under the leadership of chef Michel Clermont, the emu has been acquiring its letters of nobility.

The place of this ancestral farm is bright. In the first row, an economuseum on this beast from Australia. Divided into two parts with a section presenting, not only information on this flightless bird, but also many beauty products made from emu oil, the CEC offers a bistro area with a few tables obviously respecting social distancing. Normally, a large gallery surrounds the building which can also accommodate a few guests. In front of the tables, inside, Michel Clermont complies.

The owner of the premises, Raymonde Tremblay, is delighted to have gone to find a cook of Mr. Clermont's caliber. Thanks to this former head of the Port du Refuge at the marina of Cap-à-l'Aigle as well as to the famous Deauville and Continental in Quebec - he had learned how to prepare the ostrich! -, around thirty different products are now offered. The presence of this chef, who also acts as a butcher, allows “a diversified offer and has made it possible to review our products,” underlines Ms. Tremblay.

Lean meat

With only 2% fat, emu meat is particularly rich in iron and potassium. A registered dietitian, the owner of CEC ensures that her birds are also raised without growth hormone.

And what does it taste like? Between the pulled beef and the dried duck perhaps. In fact, its taste is unique. And since "it is a rich meat to work with," Michel Clermont set himself the challenge of using as many parts of the emu as possible. This gives in particular meat pies, pizza, a fine sausage, tasty orange and green pepper terrines - to take when camping! - or even an amazing spaghetti sauce and excellent brown or white bases for sauces.

While the pandemic has made it possible to create new products such as more individual portions, the chef does intend to foam other parts of the emu such as the rump into a kind of smoked meat. You can also get Wellington or marinated flank steak in various sauces such as orange and ginger, teriyaki or sweet chili.

If you ever go before mid-June, the CEC will be open Wednesday through Sunday, but with the arrival of summer, it will be seven days a week from 9 am to 5.30 pm. also be offered. It should also be noted that a counter with various products offered on the farm is also available at the Center boutique on avenue Royale in Quebec City.


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