It’s a well-known fact that every city has its most famous restaurant. In Quebec, it's the Ashton and we have news on the owners' projects. Batifol, well established in Lac-Beauport and Beauport, is celebrating its 34th anniversary in a big way and we explain how. In Godbout, it is finally the arrival of a restaurant which is celebrating in the village deprived of its sandwich shop since last December.


First, the owners of Ashton, Émily Adam and Jean-Christophe Lirette, acquired La Banquise, located in Montreal, after having renovated and repositioned their brand. Despite the acquisition, La Banquise retains its identity and its staff.


Entrepreneurs are also considering new opportunities while remaining focused on poutine. They plan to open a 24th branch, while exploring franchising possibilities.


Renovations of existing branches continue in keeping with the chain's retro spirit, despite challenges related to inflation. They are looking to strengthen their community presence, notably through events like Igloofest and Poutine Week, where they won 2nd prize.


Second, the Batifol restaurant is celebrating 34 years in Lac-Beauport and 10 years in Beauport, with owner Daniel Gauvin considering a family succession. It started in 1990 with a small establishment in Lac-Beauport before moving in 1992 to accommodate more customers. In 2009, a second branch opened in Sainte-Foy, which later closed due to demolition. Despite the challenges, the Gauvin family maintains a daily presence in its restaurants to maintain a family atmosphere and a close relationship with customers. The restaurant is planning renovations to adapt to the changing needs of customers and is considering a succession with Daniel's son, Alexandre.


Finally, it is by spring that the former Godbout general store will be transformed into a family restaurant-pub, responding to the need for a food counter in the village.


The owner, Valérie Desbiens, wishes to preserve the historic character of the place, with a menu honoring local figures. This initiative fills a food gap after the recent closure of several restaurants, as well as other services such as gas pumps.


The opening of the restaurant-pub is seen as a sign of renewal and mutual aid in the municipality, despite other challenges to overcome, such as the imminent closure of the primary school and the planned construction of a multifunctional center. The presence of this new establishment is welcomed by residents as well as passers-by and tourists, providing a gathering place in a village in full transformation.