The most popular TV show in the summer of 2014? Heads! revenge, well see! More than a million spectators for the final. Enough to want to take our legs and our deck around our necks and we go enroll in cooking classes as close to home!

BBM figures are clear: an average of 935,000 cooking enthusiasts watched Hakim Chajar their way to the grand final in early September aired on Radio-Canada. The most popular show of the summer we told you!

And if some viewers pout on the Internet saying Hakim was the darling of the judges, it's the kitchen too complicated, there were too many ingredients for each challenge that we must renew the formula , admit that the brigade of Daniel Vézina you still gave a taste of toss!

Hence the idea to go sign up for a cooking class, just for fun.

The influence of leaders?

With the figures just given you, one is tempted to believe that the proliferation of culinary scene is due in large part to TV shows like The Heads!

It's a bit more nuanced than that in real life. François Martel, Chief Director Culinary Academy in Montreal for five years, during the public cookery are less popular than before because he considers that "television is now a competitor. "For the avid Francis Longpre, the Touilleurs of Laurier and the issuance of the same name ARTV hesitation at the other end of the line:" It depends on so many different factors ... but I would say yes, but not limited . For example, blogs about cooking can attract people. "Finally, for Clemence Ballet, in charge of communications and marketing on behalf of Ateliers et Saveurs in Old Montreal," we really did not see any difference here. Where leaders are more publicized, maybe it makes a difference. "

cooking otherwise

In fact, whether at Stoneham, Îles-de-la-Madeleine Montreal or rather everyone is to develop its own originality to attract aspiring cooks.

Gourmande in nature, a haven for marine gourmet Etang-du-Nord in the Islands, is the proximity of the sea that gives meaning to cooking workshops of the owner, Johanne Vigneau. A place to cook, but also a shop where you can stroll the better to indulge, share his favorite heart and procure the products developed by the Madelinote.

While at The Culinary Academy is aimed at, among other things, cooking lessons online to stand out, to Touilleurs, we want to focus on sharing. For Francis Longpre, The Touilleurs Laurier Street, "this is not an academy, not a school, it's a place to share. "

As for Ateliers et Saveurs, we find every day three types of courses: cooking, cocktails and wine tasting. Normal since the founder of the place, Fanny Gauthier, Éric Gauthier and Arnaud Ferrand triumvirate respectively mixologist, chef and sommelier.

Who are the cooking classes?

But everyone, of course! If the average age is about 50 years at the Vocational Training Centre Lac-Abitibi in La Sarre - be aware that some public schools also offer courses open to the general public - to other places, it is much more eclectic. Young, old, women, men, singles or couples will gather around the table Touilleurs. But never more than 12 to listen, see and especially to ask questions of leaders like Dany St-Pierre (Chez Auguste in Sherbrooke) Fleure Marie-St-Pierre and tapas or Marjorie Maltese finalist Chefs! in 2010, we review the issue this summer.

For lunch, you do not keep up? Chopsticks or punch you itch? In 60 minutes, Ateliers et Saveurs, either in Montreal or in Quebec, invite you to cook during your lunch break and eat in your beef tartare, smoked paprika mayonnaise, chorizo ??and fresh herbs or a splash beef bourguignon way, or "merely" a barley risotto with pesto, feta and chorizo??.

There are even courses for teens as is the case with The Culinary Academy where they will eat nothing but poutine, I promise! Your little ones will be even cooks offer courses bakery or pastry. And why not? Challenge: take a class with your child!

"And the price? "I hear you mumble between two pans. It is very variable. It can range from $ 22 for a small one-hour session at noon Ateliers et Saveurs or $ 85 for a gourmet menu prepared in 3:00. As for municipalities, it's even cheaper. In Stoneham, a suburb north of Quebec City, the municipality offers a ten-week course for $ 190.

But beyond that can offer each other, one thing remains for all kitchen areas, "we learn in the desire" as stated so beautifully Francis Longpre.


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