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The label table according to Julie Blais Comeau

Too often it happens that we hesitated facing a social situation. Whether one is a 5-7, a business lunch or a romantic meal, we do not know how to react to the circumstances. It is to avoid this kind of embarrassment, but mostly to make people more confident that Julie Blais Comeau became a trainer certified by the Canadian Council of Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC). Passionate about etiquette and manners since adolescence, blogger for the Huffington Post Quebec, Ms. Blais Comeau has published two books about his favorite subjects: Label: Confidence & Credibility (Jewels Publishing) and What to say, how to make and when? (Béliveau Editor).

The learning of dining etiquette
The label table was an art learned through the mother, an art that is not taught in our day according to Ms. Blais Comeau. However, it is never too late to learn.

"The best argument [to learn dining etiquette] is not to embarrass yourself, embarrass his employer, explains the expert label. For do not interrupt, because someone who does not know to handle its vessels, that makes noise while eating, making noise with his vessels, it interrupts the flow of business, the conversation when it is a social situation. »

If it is not too late to learn, is there an ideal age to start learning good manners? Ms. Blais Comeau believes initiate her child as soon as he begins to eat, for example by showing him how to hold a fork, "It's a natural progression. When the child begins to eat, we learn, the child wants to learn. He wants to do it himself. »

The label may seem complex to some. Even if there is a way to eat certain dishes such as tacos, the label of the table remains universal. "There really has the label of the table you could say international, which is much more to the European explains Ms. Blais Comeau. You should know that it is only in North America we eat to the US, also called zigzag. But in the rest of the world, European-eat, inland. »

Table manners
Label, who is the host must be in control of the situation. In the case of a business meal is the one who invites pays and provides the comfort of his guest, for example by learning about its food restrictions. "For a business lunch, when prompted, adds Blais Comeau, we will decide the restaurant and we choose a restaurant that we know and, more importantly, a restaurant where one is known to ensure good service. »

Further details are also to be considered before a business lunch. For example, it is advisable to check with HR regarding alcohol refund, because not all companies will pay for such expenses. If the consumption of alcohol during a business meal is tolerated, no urge his guest for refusal and we do not ask for explanations. "There should never be any discomfort when we choose to abstain from drinking alcohol," says Blais Comeau.

Another important detail is punctuality. In the case of the person who invites, it must go to the restaurant fifteen minutes before the scheduled time to choose a table and evaluate the menu. In addition, it must ensure in advance that the bill will be presented to it only to avoid discomfort at checkout. As for the invited person, it sees ensure arriving at the restaurant on time.

When ordering the meal, certain actions are recommended. For example, instead of calling aloud the server, it is best to get eye contact with him so that it goes to your table. Also the time of ordering, it is better to let his guest order first. By cons, it is recommended to guide his guest by making some dishes of suggestions to show his generosity. Finally, in the case of a meal between lovers, it is important to establish from an agreement on the bill, that is to say, whether it is paid entirely by the host or if it is separated into two. This agreement must be clear in order to avoid discomfort at the time of payment.

For restaurateurs, they can also adopt a label to its customers. "The role of a conservator is to be a good host, trying to be the event and even to predict what our guests are going to need," said Ms. Blais Comeau. This may mean provide crayons for the kids or put a couple in a private place if the restaurant welcomes families at the same time. "The label, you know, it is above all the respect, comfort, and some adjustment within it," said the trainer.

However, the most important advice, but also the easiest to remember is this: "When in doubt, one inquires says Blais Comeau. Do not be afraid to learn, so if you are not sure of the dress code of the restaurant, one phone, one inquires. If you are not certain that our children will be welcome, one inquires. "In the case of cancellation of a reservation, it is also best to call so that others can benefit from this book.

In conclusion, it takes very little to remain respectful to his guest or client. The label is an art that can be learned, but it is also an art of etiquette that can apply to many areas of life. For more information, visit one of the two books mentioned earlier in the article or go to the following address: etiquettejulie.com. Happy reading!


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