Make way for gourmet pleasures

Renowned chefs, high-level tasting, discovery of local products, for two days, lovers of good food settled around the Foodcamp, in the lair of Château Frontenac. A real delight for the senses.

EvenTouch, the organizer of the event, had promised a meeting where producers, chefs and foodies would meet "to share their passion for gastronomy in an atmosphere that promotes discovery and knowledge sharing". This was the case on March 7 and 8.

Presented in the form of workshop-conferences, more than a dozen chefs shared their secrets with a crowd, who not only licked their lips, but were also very attentive. The recipes transmitted on two giant screens were sometimes clarified by none other than Pasquale Vari, chief teacher at the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), and well known by all those who follow the now famous program Les chefs!, presented to Radio-Canada. The several hundred people gathered for two days also had the opportunity to ask questions, whether on a point of a proposed recipe or a product to find.

It is necessary to specify that each workshop was accompanied by a tasting brought to the headquarters of each and everyone. The whole ground in quarter turn. The only downside, however, is the lack of recycling bins to recover the many plastic bottles given at the entrance.

For all tastes !

Alongside the oysters from Martin Juneau and Stéphane Gadbois from Pastaga in Montreal or the cream puffs from Nicolas Dutertre from Cacao Berry, there was a whole panoply of flavors, sometimes stunning textures. And room for openness. As proof, the presentation made by vegan blogger Loounie concerning his sunflower-based ricotta. Pasquale Ravi has expressed his reluctance to call "ricotta" a "delicious sunflower puree!" " Do we have the right to call ricotta a preparation that does not contain any curdled milk? For the main concerned, the remark was relevant to this linguistic reappropriation of a pure Italian tradition. “But I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this question, and I think there is room for discussion. "

Other tastes also impressed the guests, notably the octopus of Helena Loureiro, renowned chef of the Restaurant Helena and the Portus 360. Forget the rubbery taste that you may have already had on your plate, that of Helena was roll on the ground! In addition, such generosity in sharing his recipe!

It was also an opportunity to discover or rediscover seal meat in particular, thanks to a presentation by a colleague from Pasquale Vari, Benoît Lenglet from the ITHQ.

Market place

Thirty Quebec artisans were also on hand to showcase products, which were sometimes pure happiness. Whether, for example, maple bites from Ma cabane en Gaspésie, cassoulet from Québec Oies or distant flavors like spices, peppers and vanilla from Madagascar imported and researched on site by Saveurs Baobab de Québec.

More intriguing too, finds like those made at OCNI (Unidentified Edible Objects), these seasonings to be sharpened like lead pencils, giving in particular shavings with lemon, basil or black garlic.
Satisfied with his first experience as a great host, for Pasquale Vari, a meeting like that of Foodcamp, this is an opportunity to see that cuisine in Quebec is more diverse and more publicized than ever. “Restaurateurs are making it evolve, especially thanks to social networks. It is also a way of showing that we encourage local eating. With less food transport, we are greener! "

Next meeting: March 13 and 14, 2021.
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