Your son practice a sport and his team began a major tournament that will force him to play at least four games in three days? Between these games, do you know how to properly feed him to optimize his performance? The first "certified family" restaurant in Québec, the Spag&tini, has the answer for you.

Working with another restaurant in the Quebec area, a nutritionist and a former Olympic athlete, they have developed healthy meal choices to meet the nutritional needs of young people.

They also want to create a healthy and appropriate solution and change the eating habits of athletes. Thus, they believe that parents should change now their postgame fast-food habits.

Young athletes can choose from a variety of appealing and tasty pasta dishes that will stimulate them an energy boost. The parents will then have to pay $ 11.95.

Pastas are known for their energy source and parents normally prepare that to their young athletes. However, you should know the right amount of quantity. That's what the nutritionist was able to do with this sports menu.

Do you think this menu should be offered by other restaurants in Quebec?