iPad, the very recent release by the company Apple, is felt even in restaurants. Some institutions are already benefiting from this tablet to allow customers to browse the menu in a few slides. The order is also a click away through the wireless network.

The open source applications can be created easily on Apple products, so it took very little time before we see a restaurant adopted this kind of service.

Thus, don’t have to rotate and turn the pages of the menu while memorizing his choice until the arrival of the waiter.

It is therefore possible to view the daily menu always available in real time, with images, be advised the food and wine pairings and the order is placed via Wi-Fi.

This service is currently available in France and Australia. The iPad tablet is given to customers on time of order.

In addition, the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) also focus on the development of a tablet to compete with Apple. This should be used with its BlackBerry smartphones.

It is therefore quite possible that many restaurants are following suit quickly.