Quick little delivery today where we will tell you about a new rotisserie in Quebec, a Quebec experience in Paris and bread from Subway restaurants.
Let's start with the launch of the Rôtisserie du Curé Maguire in Quebec City, which is intended as a response to the confinement of March and the region's red zone. This new restaurant, managed by the CHAZ team, offers take-out meals such as roast chicken, ribs, beef, peking duck, fried chicken and the unique scallop poutine. A luxury snack, in a way, which therefore offers boxes to go without any need for preparation!
Also, four Quebec partners launched the Quebecium restaurant in the heart of Paris last November. The objective of this group is to make this place an ambassador of the land and the culture of our region in France. We of course find poutines, shepherd's pie and well-known desserts here, but accompanied by more elaborate ingredients in addition to a decor featuring our popular stars and even a game of table hockey. No, this is not the first Parisian restaurant to showcase our cultural differences. But this time, it is about Quebecers who are managing their destiny!
Finally, the fast food chain Subway had to fight in Ireland over its bread! It was a taxation story that brought the company to court across the country on this matter. The Irish court reports that the sugar content is too high for the bread in sandwiches to be considered bread. What about in Canada? According to the executives of Subway Canada, the recipe would not be the same. But it's impossible to know how it differs. This led several experts across the country to open a debate on processed foods and the ever-increasing presence of sugar on our plates.