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Fast delivery: At Aston thinks big, our chefs around the world and the “no show”

Today's quick delivery is pretty comprehensive: we'll share ideas for grandeur and expansion from the new owners of Chez Aston, we'll discuss the new TV series that introduces us to Quebec chefs working around the world and we will come back to the saga of "no show", this sad behavior that wastes a lot of time and money for our restaurateurs.

Let's start with the dream of the young owners of Chez Ashton, Jean-Christophe Lirette and Émily Adam. They now want to conquer Canada with their chain of restaurants! Recall that they bought the 23 Ashton restaurants in March 2022, after having already owned a restaurant in Saint-Raymond and three Harvey's restaurants in Quebec. This couple has a passion for fast food and have a strategy to develop their brand image and open new restaurants across Canada. They hope to open a 24th Ashton in 2023 and two more each year thereafter. Since their acquisition, they have done strategic planning with motivated employees and now want to make this flagship a Quebec pride throughout Canada.

Then, we invite you to discover local chefs who reveal their talent abroad thanks to the program Expat Chefs. Hosted by Émilie Fournier on Zeste, Expat Chefs presents expatriate Quebec chefs who work around the world, exploring their daily lives in local markets and the kitchens of their restaurants. The show focuses on culinary discoveries, but also on the human aspect of chefs, by addressing issues such as cost and administrative procedures related to expatriation. Viewers should feel proud to see the accomplishments of these chefs who bring their technique and steep themselves in local culture and ingredients to create unique blends.

Finally, yes, we still have to talk about “no shows”. Now, the Fondissimo restaurant in Magog has decided to impose a financial penalty of $10 per person for groups of eight or more people who do not show up for their reservation.

This decision follows an incident where a group of 20 people missed their reservation without warning. The owner said that this measure aims to empower customers and avoid financial and food losses for the restaurant. He also thinks that this practice could become the norm in the restaurant industry to counter this phenomenon.

However, the Quebec Restoration Association warns restaurateurs against this practice, as it is currently illegal. However, the ARQ is working with the government to adapt a new law that will allow restaurateurs to put this kind of penalty in place.


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