A bold wine with a nice tannic structure and a complex bouquet of cassis and blueberry, does that tells you something? There are so many words to describe a wine that is easy to get lost. The great critics make good use of these words (sometimes too much). For some, it is true poetry and it is very easy with the use of our imagination, to represent the wine as a wonderful paint. Others use more technical terms. Anyway, it is always appropriate to know some terms to better understand the description of a wine.

Here is a short glossary that will allow you to decipher the jargon of tasters:

Astringency (or tannic): Contributed mainly by tannins (or tannins) in wine, astringency describes the texture of the wine. This expression refers to the impression of dryness in the mouth when tasting wine.

Aromas of oak: Refers to wine that has fermented or aged in oak barrels and has developed aromas of wood. Among these flavors, we find aromas of toast, wood, and subsequently progress to aromas of roasted coffee, mocha and chocolate.

Caudalie: Unit of measure of the duration of persistence in the mouth flavors. Caudalie represents a second. A great wine can last up to 8 caudalies.

Burning sensation: Refers to a wine that provides, with its alcoholic strength, a feeling of warmth.

Body: Character of a wine that combines a good constitution (tannic and alcohol strength).

Short: Refers to a wine that doesn’t last long in mouth after tasting (1-2 caudalies).

Balanced: Refer to a wine whose elements (alcohol, tannins, acidity and sugar) are well integrated.

Viscosity: Qualifies a round wine, full and generous, printing due to the presence of alcohol and glycerol, resulting in the flow of tears on the glass.

Long finish: Refer to a wine whose aromas leave a long and pleasant mouth after the tasting (more than 5 caudalies)

Structure: Tasting term indicating and the level of tannins of a wine. A beautiful structure allows a wine to evolve over time in the bottle.

Green: Describes a wine too acidic, as opposed to a flabby wine


… To be continued…

If there are terms that annoy you or if you have comments, do not hesitate to let me know.


Some suggestions

White wine

Pascal Jolivet Pouilly-Fumé 2013 – $26.80 - Code SAQ : 10272616

Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite grape for the hot days of summer. Refreshing to perfection, it exudes citrus aromas such as pink grapefruit, lemon, freshly cut herbs and a touch honey. Long finish on citrus makes us salivate profusely. For the meal, serve this wine with marinated (lemon and herbs shrimp cooked on the grill. Guaranteed pleasure!


Red wine

Cono Sur Reserva Pinot Noir 2013 – $15.95 - Code SAQ : 874891

This Chilean wine offers the best value for money in terms of pinot noir. Its crisp acidity gives a beautiful freshness in mouth. The nose gives off aromas of red berries with some woody and herbaceous nuances. It is an ideal companion for pork and grilled chicken. Serve it rather cool (14 degrees) to enjoy its refreshing side and aromas.



Château Yvonne La Folie 2011 – $24.95 - Code SAQ : 11665534

Composed entirely of Cabernet Franc, this wine from Loire seduces me. The aromatic complexity is at the rendez-vous: raspberry, strawberry, pepper, black fruits, tobacco leaves and some black fruit aromas. The palate is juicy it has medium acidity and the tannins are firm without being annoying.