Since its introduction in Montreal restaurants 30 years ago, the concept "bring your own wine" has grown in adepts. And in enemies. Across Quebec, the popularity of the restaurants that have adopted the concept does not slow down. But as the reputation of Quebec sommeliers climb as steeply, what kind of restaurants do you favor?

Taking advantage of a loophole in the provincial court, somewhere in the 1980s, a group of Montreal managers launched the idea of BYOB. The idea has allowed these institutions to rebuild their financial health and a whole neighborhood to grow in popularity. This reputation has led the restaurant in the Plateau Mont-Royal to innovate in their menu and to foam sector dynamism.

It took very little time before this mode crosses the borders of the Montreal area. Everywhere in the region, in the suburbs or in the restaurants of Old Quebec, restaurants have taken the formula and customers have adopted it immediately. Every day and every night, traffic is important in institutions emphasizing the concept.

Of course, the affordable prices of restaurants "BYOB" seduces customers. They purchase their favorite bottle, depending on their budget, in their neighborhood retailer. With the marketing efforts of the Société des Alcools (SAQ) at the level of promotions and famous labels flavors, wine consumers think they know all as the sommeliers.

Once in the restaurant, they will find a menu they know well and especially is presented according to their budget again. The cuisine of these restaurants is not overlooked. The cooked food comes in good quality like in restaurants with sommeliers or liquor license.

The amount of restaurants "BYOB" is such that competition is fierce. Therefore, leaders must ensure the quality of their menu.

On the other hand, there are many restaurants with liquor licenses which, in addition, offer consulting services for meals and wine.

The talented Quebec sommeliers are increasingly recognized in Quebec and the great restaurants hire them quickly. They are there to advise you the best bottle by meal ordered.

Obviously, there is a price to pay when the restaurant offers this service. Still, the base prepared by chefs leave no doubt about its quality.

A visit to this kind of restaurant is always interesting, occasionally. It is a culinary discovery every time, of course.

But for everyday meals, the concept "bring your own wine" is more accessible. And the most popular because it reaches the largest number of people. Indeed, it is not given to regularly visit licensed premises, alcohol and sommeliers.

This approach may be criticized by some, but tradition prevailed and the idea remains. Sommeliers are experts, but can we trust our ideas too?