July 1st is synonymous with moving to Quebec. Very early in the morning until early evening, you have to flex your muscles and empty the old apartment to fill the new one. After so much effort, and with the help of precious friends, nothing better than a pizza delivered to your home by your favorite pizzeria to end this crazy day.

These restaurants have also gotten into the habit of offering specials on this moving day in order to stand out from the competition.

Yes, pizza is often the meal most often ordered when moving, because it is a dish that is easy to share and which your guests can eat without utensils. For delivery, you can also order an alcoholic drink to wash it all down.

Always monitor flyers, websites or radio advertisements for the correct information, as exceptions may apply. For example, the promotion may only be valid with the delivery menu and rarely in the dining room. At other times, it may be possible to apply it to a takeout order.

Among the promotions most often used in pizzerias on July 1, you can get an attractive discount on larger pizza formats. Also, side dishes, such as fries or liquor, can be offered for free while other items can sometimes be added at half price.

Also plan to place your order in advance. It is possible to do this by phone or place an order online.

Of course, there are delivery menus more popular in Quebec than others.

However, let us offer you some slightly more different suggestions:


Stratos Pizzeria restaurants are among the essentials when it comes to thinking about a meal to be delivered after a day of moving.

With more than 20 branches, the first of which opened in 1989 in Trois-Rivières, pizza and poutine lovers from across Quebec can count on Stratos to fill their stomachs after a hard day moving household appliances and boxes.

There are of course pizzas and poutines, but also salads, chicken wings, sandwiches, burgers, submarines and chicken.

It is possible to order online in most branches.

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Freddy Pizzeria

Launched more than 40 years ago offering only a small counter, but a fast delivery service, Freddy Pizzeria now offers a very diverse menu and a large dining room in eastern Sherbrooke.

What hasn't changed is its delivery service and the quality of its pizza, which still makes it famous today.

Among the possible choices in the delivery menu, also valid for take-out orders, there are of course the different types of pizza and its combos, poutines, shrimp, pasta, chicken and salads.

If you've asked a lot of friends to help you move, know that Freddy's offers 21-inch sumo pizzas.

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This restaurant opened in 1985 and is still recognized for its signature and unique pizzas.

Among the signature pizzas, we find the vegetarian (sauce with eggplant, green peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and mozzarella), the Reuben (smoked meat and mozzarella) and the white, a house blend of five cheeses (mozzarella, brick, ricotta, parmesan and feta).

Of course, fans of classic pizza will be delighted: pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, Italian sausages, all dressed, bacon, etc.

You will also find salads, subs and pastas.

By the way, if you want to eat on site, you can bring wine or beer.

There are also many other pizza delivery restaurants in Montreal. You just have to find the right one!

Pizza Passion

For the love of pizza, Pizza Passion offers no less than three locations in Quebec City, the first of which opened in 1998 in Charlesbourg. Since 2006, it has also been present in Beauport and finally in the Duberger district since 2014.

In addition to pizza, you will find pasta, skewers and other typical local dishes and everything is home-cooked for a fresh taste.

Discover their Signée Passion pizza, made with pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions, bacon and spaghetti sauce.

For lovers of thin crust pizza, it is possible to request one.

Fans are delighted with these choices of restaurants with pizza delivery in Quebec.

Pizzeria 67 in Lévis

Another well-known pizzeria chain in Mauricie, Quebec and Lévis is Pizzéria 67.  There are a total of seven branches distributed among these three regions.

Always listening to their customers, the owners have decided, just in time for the busy moving period, to bring back the frugal pizza, a lighter pizza, just as tasty and less expensive.

Opt for fries or poutine as an accompaniment.

Pasta, chicken, burgers and subs are also available on the delivery menu.

A large dining room can also accommodate your guests.

Other pizzerias deliver in Chaudière-Appalaches, on the south shore of Quebec.

Bravo Pizzeria

Another pizzeria that offers pizza as well as pasta, poutines and generous subs is Bravo Pizzéria in Joliette. For 45 years, it has prided itself on offering the best pizza in town thanks to the freshest products and the highest quality ingredients to its customers.

The king of pizza in Lanaudière attracts customers from outside the region with his secret recipes that are passed down from one generation to the next.

Absolutely all the classics of Quebec pizzerias are present on their menu!

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