When the time comes to eat after moving or between two coats of paint or even when the family is gathered around the swimming pool during a heatwave, Quebecers like to pick up the phone or order online and wait for a delivery person to come and bring them their meal.

Every major city has a large choice of restaurants with delivery menus, sometimes local restaurants, but more often large, well-known chains.

Do you know which delivery menus from Quebec restaurants are the most popular?

With data from our website, we are able to establish a list of the most popular choices throughout Quebec.

Here is our ranking:

1- McDonald’s Menu

McDonald's restaurants have been present in Canada since 1967 and have been offering their menu delivery since 2020 in most branches in Quebec.

It is sometimes possible to order directly from the McDonald's application, depending on our geographic location, or via their delivery partner, namely Skip, Uber Eats and DoorDash.

The McLivraison menu may be limited, but their famous burgers, fries and croquettes are of course available.

In order to have all the details, do not hesitate to consult the application, activate your location and select the restaurant closest to you. In addition, by creating an account, you accumulate reward points.

2- Subway Menu

The first Subway restaurant opened in Canada in 1986, in Newfoundland. Shortly after, Quebec also succumbed to the chain's subs, offering fresh bread baked on site, a choice of meat and vegetables to your liking.

You had to wait until 2022 before you could officially have your Subway sandwich delivered to your home. Salads and wraps can also be delivered.

It is quite simple to order online at Subway, even though dozens of options are possible (bread, meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, etc.).

By ordering online or on the app, you also accumulate points which can then be exchanged for freebies on your next order.

3- Pizza Hut Menu

The Pizza Hut restaurant, present here since the 1970s, has around 40 franchises in the provinces. Known for their innovation (think stuffed crust), restaurants have been offering delivery since their very beginnings. Let’s just say that pizza, the star of their popular menu, lends itself well to this type of service!

However, be sure to enter your address at the very beginning of the online ordering process, as their delivery territory may be limited depending on the region.

You will find several promotional offers when ordering online, which will not necessarily be the case if you place your order over the phone. These promotions vary from time to time and adapt to the season.

4- Domino’s Pizza Menu

Founded in the United States in 1960, but arrived in Canada in 1983, the Domino’s Pizza restaurant chain has experienced significant growth in Quebec in recent years. The speed of service, the quality of the food and the taste of the pizza have made them famous.

In the streets near you, you have probably already noticed their delivery car, with a big red and blue domino on the roof.

Of course, their menu is suitable for delivery and takeout orders, as most branches do not have any dining rooms.

By placing an order online, it is possible to accumulate points to earn a free pizza or obtain other exclusive promotions. Fridays and Saturdays, around dinner time, are the busiest times for their cooks and delivery people.

5- Salvatoré Pizza Menu

The Quebec chain that currently has the most wind in its sails, Pizza Salvatoré is increasingly present in all corners of the province. The Abbatiello family has also started an incursion into Ontario and plans to increase their presence in this province.

By completing your order online, the app will find the nearest branch for you, promising fast delivery at the best possible price. Here too, a list of promotions is available. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of their offer!

The first Pizza Salvatoré was created in 1964 in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce and a new generation of Abbatiellos is now at the head of the company.

6- Boston Pizza Menu

Probably the most popular restaurant on our list with sports fans, Boston Pizza offers a very varied menu in the dining room. Another menu is specially adapted for delivery.

With their own delivery team, Boston Pizza branches offer fast, courteous service and adapt their menu to the time of year. For example, hockey fans can follow their favorite team during the Stanley Cup Finals by ordering specially tailored meals.

In addition to athletes, thanks to their giant screen projecting the most popular matches live, families are very well received.

Boston Pizza was founded in 1964 in Edmonton, Alberta.

7- Burger King Menu

Historically the strongest competitor to McDonald's restaurants, the Burger King chain arrived in Canada in 1969. The king of hamburgers launched its delivery service only a few years ago, also taking advantage of the confinement period to stay close to its customers.

Like most chains that only started offering delivery a few years ago, additional fees usually apply to a delivery order.

Limited time offers or special offers are available on the online menu for delivery.

8- St-Hubert Menu

The purely Quebec chain, and the darling of Quebecers, has a great reputation for its delivery service. It must be said that rapid delivery from St-Hubert restaurants has existed since 1952 and everyone remembers the first delivery cars, the pretty yellow Volkswagen beetles.

To mark 70 years of delivery service, St-Hubert decided to electrify a 1967 Beetle car! A promise for the future of the company and a strong gesture for the environment.

Of course, chicken is in the spotlight at St-Hubert but the menu has been greatly refined over the years. The online ordering application allows you to follow the progress of your order until it leaves the restaurant for your home.

The rotisserie has existed since 1951 and has developed into a true source of pride for all of Quebec.