François Dubois has mastered the art of wearing more than one hat at a time ... First server in some business establishments Sherbrooke, he acquired in 1997 Bocage inn and restaurant in Compton. So it will pass to the other side of the stage, the dining room in the kitchen . Self-taught and passionate about the art of the table, it gradually takes the reins of the kitchen of the inn . It will be a turning point in his career as begin a great adventure that has lasted nearly two decades . His encounter with the land of his adopted village and close working relationship with since the producers and processors of this bucolic Eastern Townships campaign , led him to become , somehow , ambassador of his hometown.
Also in order to enhance the soil and build relationships with several stakeholders food , François Dubois is also recognized for her volunteer work as incorporator The Comptonales he has been president since its inception in 2004 member .

Becoming the owner of the restaurant Antiquarius in July 2012, François pursues its mission , the table is a showcase of what is happening in the beautiful hinterland , but it makes these products available in full Downtown Sherbrooke daily.