I was walking on 3rd avenue, my heart open to the unknown when… Morso pizzeria caught my eye! And caught my attention. Even if the restaurant offer is great on this bustling artery of the Limoilou district in Quebec, not all the establishments are affordable for a little Tuesday evening. And with its concept of pizza sold by the “piece”, this pizzeria was right on my radar and those of the friend who accompanied me. 
Established since April 2023 in Limoilou, Morso now has 5 branches in the province. His specialty: Roman pizza. What is different from its Neapolitan cousin? It is a long, rectangular pizza, known for its light and crispy dough which, it is said, is also good to eat reheated the next day! 
Installed on the small but charming terrace, my partner and I started our evening with spritzes for a refreshing and delicious Italian touch. Next, we enjoyed arancini with spinach and ricotta, and sausage and mushrooms. As a lover of arancini, I was delighted by their crunchy exterior and their soft interior, as well as by the generosity of the portions and the richness of their flavors.
Then, we addressed the question everyone is asking: how many pieces should we order? Our waitress recommended that we allow 3 to 4 pieces per person. To be careful, we started by asking for 4 pieces to share in order to discover different varieties. We opted for: eggplant and pistachio, oyster mushrooms and cheddar, sausage and red onions, as well as speck and mascarpone.


When the platter arrived, it looked totally enticing. The dough was crispy on the bottom and light in the middle, a real delight! However, the weak point was the amount of topping. Each piece contained very little. After enjoying 4 half pieces each, we were still hungry. So we had to reorder a second time.
But even after my four full servings, I still had room for dessert. To stay with the theme (yes, it’s true!), I selected a decadent Forbitella pizza, or chocolate and hazelnut. You guessed it… it was completely delicious. 
Overall, Morso pizzeria is a good place to remember when you want to eat light without hurting your wallet too much. For a future visit, however, I will choose dinner time which seems to me to be the ideal time for this type of restaurant. 
Buon appetito!

Note :

What struck me most about my visit:
Sales by the “piece”, which allows you to taste several varieties of pizza. 

Do I recommend this restaurant:

The cheapest main meal on the menu:
PDT pizza + rosemary, $4.50/piece

The most expensive main meal on the menu:
Morso discovery mix, $60 for 12 pieces

At what time of day did I visit:

Most :
Fast service

The lessers :
Small space