Because we had to go to the Metropolis for a show at Club Soda with a couple of friends, we decided to combine business with pleasure and go for brunch. After some research among a myriad of choices, we opted for Café Mimosa, located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, near the performance hall.

Thanks to a reservation, we can pass the line that forms in the portico and which seems to want to overflow onto the sidewalk, outside.

Inside, the atmosphere seems pleasant despite the "rush hour". Obviously, it's full, and everyone seems to be having fun. In addition, all age groups are represented.

We can appreciate murals by Garfield and the Pink Panther, among others, and paintings by a local artist. The dining room is really bright. In summer, there is a terrace that overlooks the backyard.

The server introduces himself to us quickly and kindly while informing us of a lack of strawberries for the day! At the same time, he offers us coffee, which Julie accepts.

The menu is very impressive, not to say voluminous! We hear so often that due to labor shortages and the rising cost of food, restaurants have been forced to reduce their supply. At Café Mimosa, it seems to be quite the opposite!

In total, there are 20 sections to discover. For example: light breakfast, omelettes, crepes, classics, sandwiches, waffles, poutines, specialties, casseroles, French toast, etc. Moreover, the names of the dishes are all more original than each other, including “yesterday was toff” or “f*uck the hangover”, which made us smile.

We note that, from Monday to Thursday, it is possible to taste all-you-can-eat Mimosa for only $30, starting at 9 a.m. Bad luck, it's Sunday.

But since it is already noon, Nicolas opts for a Mai Tai, an alcoholic cocktail mixing two Cuban rums, a citrus liqueur, fresh lime juice and barley syrup. A great discovery.

To satisfy our appetite, Julie is tempted by the pancake section, vanilla with maple syrup and icing sugar. So she orders the Yummy Yummy, sprinkled with seasonal fruits, cranberry-apple-cinnamon jam and homemade pastry cream, which turns out to be whipped cream. However, there are only pieces of one fruit, cantaloupes, which disappoints her very much.

Nicolas likes the cassolettes offer, a mix of sweet and white julienne potatoes seasoned with homemade BBQ spices served with an egg of your choice and a bread of your choice (white bread, whole wheat bread, English muffin, baguette, gluten-free or bagel). To satisfy his appetite, he chooses the Peppa Pig, which obviously includes the signature pulled pork glazed with maple cider, caramelized onions with brandy and maple syrup, all topped with a smoked cheddar cheese sauce. House.

The service is quick and friendly, the casserole dish is piping hot (which is a good sign) and it's a generous and well-presented portion of crepe.

Nicolas was not expecting julienne potatoes as thin as those served, but the overall taste is very good, the sweet and salty balance is on point, the portion of cheese is generous.

For his part, our friend could not resist what Café Mimosa calls its specialty, the "Bad*ss" waffle, that is to say pieces of fried chicken with sweetened coconut on a waffle with cinnamon, all drizzled with homemade spiced honey served with breakfast potatoes, homemade baked beans and a spinach salad. A funny mix of tastes, but which goes well according to his words.

Once well satisfied, we gave way to another group because, on leaving, there were still a few people waiting. But never have we been pushed to finish our plate faster.

It was therefore a pleasant visit, a good cocktail and a good meal for Nicolas. For Julie, it was rather disappointing. She would have appreciated a variety of fruit with her pancake, not just cantaloupe, which she says is the most “ordinary” and inexpensive fruit to offer. In addition, she noted several basic shortcomings: absence of several utensils, hand towels, milk with coffee and a pitcher of water on the table. The maple syrup container was also practically empty.

Given the impressive offer of choices for lunches in the heart of downtown Montreal, if we have to make the road again from Sherbrooke, we would like to explore other horizons, hoping for an equally complete menu. !

Score: 8.5/10 for Nicolas 5/10 for Julie
What stood out the most about our visit: The menu choices
Do we recommend this restaurant: Yes
Cheapest main meal on the menu: Bowl of yogurt ($10)
The most expensive meal on the menu: Motherfu**ing Steak&Eggs: Tomahawk aged in butter covered in 24k gold leaf, three eggs of your choice, homemade potatoes, grilled vegetables, cheese, three sauces, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and a cap from the Coffee (by reservation only, $360)
What time of day did I visit: Dinner

  • Choice for all tastes
  • Service Excellence
  • Cocktails
  • Bright dining room


  • More fruit choices for pancakes
  • Absence of certain basic elements (example: hand towels, milk for coffee)