Decidedly, the 3rd avenue conceals treasures. It is not for nothing that it is currently one of the trendiest streets in Quebec. I've been happy to live in the neighborhood for a few years and believe me, I haven't tried everything yet! One midday on a weekday, as I was returning from a business meeting, the rumblings in my stomach told me that lunchtime had arrived. This is where I saw the Chez Lefebvre sign.

I had visited the place before when it was called “La fournée bio”, having contented myself with a few loaves of bread to take away and an occasional chocolatine or two. It must be said that I have a part price for La Boîte à pains, located on the same avenue. Bakery, which I visit almost every week. But why not break habits? I had never tried the meals there.

A long line was waiting for me when I entered, which gave me enough time to explore the menu displayed on screens above the displays of fresh bread. In addition to sandwiches, soups and daily specials, I noticed small fresh pizzas in the window. I immediately appreciated the size which seemed very reasonable for a lunch.

At the time of ordering, however, there was only one kind left: Hawaiian pizza. Honestly, I never understood this daring mix. But deep down, I had never tasted it. So I accepted the challenge, it was now or never. So I was invited to sit in the small dining room while the pizza was warmed up.

A few minutes later, after observing the window filled with homemade chocolate, the small pizza was placed in front of me with the small dessert that I had also ordered: a crispy ball with dates. As I was eating there, I would have appreciated a glass of water being offered to me, but it was not the case and I did not have the opportunity to ask for it.

The Hawaiian pizza finally turned out…respectable. I had no big revelations or disappointments. She was doing the work. The homemade dough was delicious, the tomato sauce too. As a garnish, the ham was also of high quality. And the pineapples, well, there they were. Neither "wow" nor "eurk". Considering the reasonable portion, I almost finished my entire pizza.

To conclude my lunch, the "little" crispy ball that I expected to be light was actually much sweeter than I expected. The taste was delicious and the crunch really interesting, but the sweetness was too intense for me.

Chez Lefebvre remains a small neighborhood bakery that is more than interesting and super affordable

Note:  7/10
What struck me the most about my visit: Traffic
The specialty of the house: Sandwiches and pizzas

Do I recommend this restaurant: Yes
What time of day did I visit: Dinner

  1. Fresh bread
  2. Choice of desserts
  3. Homemade chocolate


  • Service done quickly
  • Out of stock