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Quick delivery: Ricardo's replacement, economic benefits and a future channel in development

The most popular chef in Quebec, Ricardo, has decided to retire from the airwaves at the end of the current season of his show. We will introduce you to her replacement, a face known to fans of the show Les Chefs! Also, what about the economic benefits for restaurants located near performance halls? Colleagues from the newspaper Le Versant have looked into the matter. Finally, the ambition of a restaurateur from Trois-Rivières has no limits and we invite you to discover his story.
First, when the announcement of the arrival of Isabelle Deschamps Plante to replace Ricardo, she was not sure of the reaction of viewers of Radio-Canada's morning cooking show.
However, after relaying the news on social media, she received an outpouring of support and love from her fans. A contributor to the Ricardo show for five years, she has already won the hearts of Quebecers.
Starting in September, Ms. Deschamps Plante will host a new cooking show three times a week that will continue Ricardo's 21-year history of success by offering easy-to-make recipes.
Deschamps Plante's show, which has no title yet, will be produced by Ricardo, who will also be his coach. Conversely, Ricardo will be a regular contributor to Deschamps Plante's show, where he will present his latest finds and favorite recipes.
Ms. Deschamps Plante, who has been taking animation classes for two years, is very enthusiastic about starting this project. Developing a recipe is a complex process that involves multiple attempts to perfect it, but Ms. Deschamps Plante is eager to share her knowledge and educate viewers about cooking.
She believes that television and cooking have similarities due to their family atmosphere and unpredictability. Ms. Deschamps Plante hopes that viewers will remember her recipes and enjoy them.
Finally, she notes that with the ever-changing food landscape, it is not difficult to find new products and new trends to renew the offer of the show.
Then, our colleagues from the newspaper Les Versants wondered if the shows at the Center Marcel-Dulude in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville bring economic benefits for local restaurateurs.
The owner of Il Martini restaurant replied that there are, but not many. Customers often book in advance and come to eat before the event. The restorer notices a difference when the artist is known and appreciated by Quebecers and attracts an older public.
Michel Racine of the Bistro Louis XIV estimates the increase at 20% or 30% for certain event evenings, equivalent to around 20 additional customers.
Roger Lacoste, who has broadcast shows at the Center Marcel-Dulude for several years, recommended that ticket buyers eat at local restaurants before the event. The City of Saint-Bruno has no data on the direct economic benefits of shows for downtown businesses, especially restaurants.
Finally, the Éphèse restaurant, located near the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières, belongs to a 25-year-old entrepreneur, Cengiz Ulubas.
He and his brothers offer a unique blend of fast food and traditional Turkish cuisine. Cengiz's grandfather was a restaurateur in France and his family passed on their recipes and secrets to him.
After studying business administration in Quebec and Chicoutimi, he decided to launch his restaurant. Cengiz has always had business acumen and paid for his education by working as a hairdresser and in a club.
He plans to start a chain of restaurants and franchise them. While he had originally planned to open his first restaurant in Quebec, the high cost of rents in Montreal led him to Trois-Rivières, where he found affordable premises.
The restaurant offers traditional Turkish and European dishes, such as homemade bread and meat, as well as poutine and Quebec-style burgers.
Cengiz adapts secret family recipes to local ingredients, providing a unique menu that sets his restaurant apart from other fast food outlets.


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