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Fast delivery: The Hobbit, Boires restaurant and Harvey’s

In this new edition of Fast delivery, you will discover the chef profile of Rémi Harvey, of the Hobbit restaurant, you will be happy to learn of the reopening of the Boires restaurant after a dispute before the courts and that the Martin Group is taking the challenge of developing the Harvey's chain in Quebec.

First, Rémi Harvey, chef of Le Hobbit restaurant for more than two years, emphasizes listening and consistency in the kitchen. Having started his career at 15, cooking has evolved from student work to true passion over the years. His first memories of cooking date back to his childhood, where he helped his grandmothers prepare meals with ingredients from the family garden in Lotbinière.

After starting out at Pub Edward and Mo Taverne Urbaine, Rémi perfected his skills at 48 Saint-Paul, before becoming chef at 47e Parallèle. After a break from catering, his return materialized at The Hobbit, where he took on the role of chef and co-owner. His arrival was marked by challenges, but he was able to earn the respect of his team, fostering a respectful work environment.

Rémi favors a work-life balance for his employees, establishing fair working conditions and a healthy environment. He encourages consistency as the key to success in the kitchen and advocates the sharing of knowledge. As a customer, he enjoys restaurants such as Buvette Scott, Albacore, Battuto, and Melba.

Looking ahead, Rémi wants to focus his efforts on The Hobbit, perfecting a gem that has been around for 47 years. In collaboration with his partner, they plan to open a restaurant in Moncton, a project supported by the current owner of the Hobbit, Jocelyne Veillette. Before launching his own establishment, Rémi aspires to be recognized in Quebec as chef of the Hobbit, associating his name with quality and consistency.

Then, the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec authorized the immediate reopening of the Boires restaurant on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, thus canceling the revocation of the permit by the Régie des alcools, des courses et jeux du Québec (RACJ) last month. The controversy centered on the definition of the concept of restaurant, calling into question the SAQ's monopoly, due to the Boires model, an establishment where customers could purchase a case of wine to take away with a light item from the menu. The RACJ's decision had sparked debate, as many similar establishments had emerged during the pandemic. Charles Landreville, wine importer and restaurateur, co-founder of Boires, sees this authorization as a crucial relief for the survival of his business. Landreville contested the RACJ's decision, emphasizing that the Court recognized the non-threat to public safety and the goodwill of Boires to comply with the Régie's requests. The hearing of the challenge is scheduled for next spring.

Finally, the Martin Group, known for having developed the St-Hubert franchises in the National Capital, acquired two Harvey’s restaurants in Neufchâtel and Beauport. The third generation of the Martin family takes on the challenge of developing the Harvey’s chain in Quebec, which currently has only four locations. The Martin family plans to open at least five new Harvey’s locations in the region over the next few years. Guillaume Martin, Group Operations Director, highlights the growth potential for Harvey’s in Quebec, targeting up to ten new branches.

The two new Harvey’s establishments acquired will be completely renovated. Currently, there are 51 Harvey’s branches spread across various regions of Quebec. The Martin family, made up of six young professionals, is leading this development project, representing the continuity of the family business which employs more than 1,200 people, with a history beginning in 1967 with St-Hubert.


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