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Fast delivery: sustainability, new owner and food trends

Here is a summary of the most recent news surrounding the restaurant industry in Quebec: the MTY Group publishes its first report on sustainable development, O'Ravito Café et Terroir d'ici has a new owner and DoorDash unveiled the food trends of the year 2022.

First, the environment caused a lot of ink to flow during the last Quebec election campaign, this fall, but also during the presentation of COP15, held in Montreal in December. At the same time, MTY Food Group, the global franchise giant and operator of dozens of banners, unveiled its first sustainability report. This affects several sectors, in addition to environmental impact, including food safety and supply chain management, food safety and product quality.

In summary, we find there the progress made by MTY during the year 2021, but above all the commitments for the year to come.

According to Éric Lefebvre, CEO of MTY, setting measurable goals and revising priorities as their environment changes will help them in their journey of continuous improvement.

Thus, on the environmental side, MTY will try, among other things, to replace plastics that are difficult to recycle with other types of packaging, such as renewable or recyclable products, everywhere in Canada by the end of 2023.

Then, the winner of Les Chefs! of the 2017 edition, Ann-Rika Martin, took over the reins of O'Ravito Café & Terroir, owned by her mother since 2016. The concept of this café is very simple: allow cyclists to take a break for a bite and a coffee while being able to put their bicycle in the shelter. However, the new owner and chef has set up a simple catering service. It is now possible to get a lunch box but also trays of appetizers for meetings, conferences or other types of events.

In this way, Ann-Rika Martin hopes to make coffee more known to more people and play a little more in traditional gastronomy. If all goes according to plan, it wouldn't be surprising to learn of the cafe's move...still near a bike path.

Finally, delivery company DoorDash has updated its 2022 Food Trends Index by compiling data on food and beverages ordered on its app from January through November. From this report, we retain that:

- Montreal ranks just behind Toronto and Vancouver for the quantity of fast food meals ordered;
- The largest order was made from Outremont and amounted to $2,761. It was 12 dishes of kebabs, meat and salad;
- In Quebec, poutine comes first in the ranking of dishes ordered, followed by cappuccino and pad thai.
- Late night orders most often include chicken nuggets, fries and poutine;
- Generally speaking, the most popular cuisines in the country are American, Mexican and Japanese. And Osmow's, Quesada Burritos & Tacos, Mr. Puffs, Mandy's are the favorite restaurants in the province.


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