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Fast delivery: new products in Trois-Rivières and Montreal and growth for a snack bar

This latest issue brings you even more fresh news. Let us tell you the story of the opening of a new restaurant at the Trois-Rivières airport and another in Montreal, in the premises of the former Manitoba. Also, the CEO of Bières et Fries is thinking big for the growth of his snack bar!

First, there is something new in Trois-Rivières, more specifically at the airport. While the space in the old “Pilote” has been available for a few months now, the owners of the two Brunch restaurants have decided to create Altitude 1963.

In fact, a whole saga seems to be coming to an end for the airport's gastronomic offer: two partners managed a restaurant there from 2015 to 2019 but then sold it to a group of three shareholders in January 2020. With the pandemic that hit a few months later, the adventure ceased and the premises became vacant.

Now the managers of the Altitude 1963 restaurant have arrived with a new offer for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Once everything is in place, leaders could add a dinner and show formula.

The owners quickly seized the opportunity offered to them, knowing full well that the site is busy and that it is easy to accommodate more than just customers coming to take the plane.
The official opening is scheduled for this week.

Second, we remember that the popular Montreal restaurant Manitoba closed its doors a few months ago. Fortunately, a new project was born in the same place with the association of three new people: the chef of Mui Mui Minh Phat Tu, the sommelier Elena Raceviciute and the head of the bar Suzanne Mike Madokoro

For regulars of the old Manitoba, you will not be out of place since the decor is pretty much the same.

On the menu, you will find very simple gastronomic options: tameki (these sushi cones rolled by hand), poultry liver mousse, sourdough bread, sweetbreads, bourgots, king mushrooms and garlic cream.

The chef's provisions come from local producers. It will use the fermentation technique to preserve food all year round. To drink, you will have several choices of natural wine from private imports.

The restaurant is now open from Wednesday to Saturday, in the evening only.

Finally, a snack bar which opened its first branch in Quebec City in July 2021 and its second in Lévis just before the end of 2022, already has big plans for 2023. Indeed, Bières et Frites intends introduce its concept to the people of Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Rimouski and Saint-Georges within the next twelve months. For 2024, other regions are also targeted.

And this concept is very simple: only offer poutine, loukoumades donuts, beer and wine. But beware, all this is available at low prices thanks to the buying power that the owners have acquired from suppliers over the years and from other projects.

Do you think you'll find this new “industrial” snack near you?


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