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Fast delivery: Customer habits, Bocuse d'Or and Chez Lévêque

Today we will once again cover some interesting topics affecting the restaurant world. First, we will see that consumer habits are sacred and that it is rather difficult to change them. Then, we will come back to the international level competition Bocuse d'Or. Finally, we will discover together the restaurant Chez Lévêque, which has existed since 1967 in Montreal.

First, it was the American restaurant chain Culver's who discovered that customers have habits that are very dear to them and that they should not be touched. The leaders had proof of this when they decided to replace Pepsi products with those of Coca-Cola. Customers expressed their dissatisfaction on the company's social networks. Culver's said the change will take effect gradually in each of its 900 restaurants in 26 states. According to data from Beverage Digest for the first nine months of 2022, Coca-Cola held around 40% of the retail market share in the United States, while Pepsi garnered around 29%.

Second, the Canadian team placed 11th in the final of the prestigious Bocuse d'Or culinary competition. The ceremony took place on January 23 in the presence of Jérôme Bocuse. Denmark won the coveted prize, while Norway received silver and Hungary received bronze. The podium was entirely European, once again demonstrating the world domination of the Scandinavian countries in terms of gastronomy. Norway also won the award for best clerk and Sweden won the award for best plate. France received the prize for the best dish in the theme “Feeding the children” and Mexico received a new prize rewarding social commitment. The Canadian team, which finished 13th in its last participation in 2019, was led by chef Samuel Sirois and completed by commis Léandre Legault-Vigneault, under the supervision of coaches Gilles Herzog and Alvin Leung.

Finally, let's discover together a Montreal institution, as presented by our colleagues from La Presse: Chez Lévêque is a restaurant established in Montreal since 1967, which was bought by Pierre Lévêque in 1972. It is now managed by its butler Yann Nkanko, who has worked for the Lévêques for a dozen years. The restaurant is considered a city classic and attracts patrons from all walks of life, including members of the arts community, politicians, judges and school principals. Patricia Lévêque, Pierre's wife, said people come to the restaurant looking for solace and their clientele has become like family to them, celebrating baptisms, weddings and funerals. The restaurant is considered one of the few places where you can spend a little, a lot or passionately.


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