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Fast delivery: Chef Oliv, Normandins and Le Molière

Another day brings us another fast delivery! In this edition, we will tell you the story of Chef Oli and his new television show, Normandin restaurants looking for employees (yes, them too) and Molière, a new French restaurant in Montreal.
Let's start by talking about Olivier Louissaint, alias Chef Oli, this Quebec chef who has participated in various televised culinary competitions and who is currently at the head of his own show, "Chef Oli vire champêtre", where he invites viewers to follow in the realization of his "crazy idea": to open a country table. He started from scratch and met various producers and restaurateurs in Quebec to learn more about the agricultural world. He also created recipes on the spot during the visits. He is an autodidact who learned to cook on YouTube and developed his passion for food by helping the merchants at the Jean-Talon market where his mother worked. The country table is part of his big dream, which is to become an agricultural producer and restaurant owner.
Let's continue with the Normandin restaurants, this Quebec company with 44 branches, which is looking for managers for its establishments. The company has a solid organizational structure based on human and family values and offers development opportunities for employees. Managers have autonomy, initiative and sharing of ideas to ensure the best experience for customers and employees. There are divisions to support day-to-day operations, such as the distribution center, the construction and maintenance division as well as the administration center. Normandin's mission is to create a family atmosphere for customers and employees, with values of respect, pride and teamwork. The company has a large family of more than 2,700 loyal and dedicated employees. Normandin recognizes the years of service of its employees who are celebrating 5, 10, 15 and even 45 years of service. The varied menu, the courteous service and the quality/price ratio are the key ingredients of the success of Normandin restaurants. Directors have the opportunity to become shareholders and reap the benefits of dedicated work. Normandin is a corporate restaurant employer in Quebec with 50 years of experience.
Let's finish by talking about the Molière, this new French restaurant opened by the team behind the Mousso and which is located at Espace Saint-Denis in the Latin Quarter of Montreal. Owners Jean Pilote and Nicolas Rousseau and the A5 Hospitality group (Jatoba, Le Cathcart, Flyjin) are behind this project which will offer elegant, affordable and gourmet cuisine. The opening took place on February 7th and the menu will include French specialties, as well as a quick menu for those in a hurry. Drinks will also be highlighted, with white, red, orange wines and cocktails. Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, chef and owner of Le Mousso, will be gastronomic director of the restaurant and the Espace St-Denis complex. He will be accompanied by Daniel Vézina, consultant chef, Samuel Sauvé Lamothe, former executive chef of Laurie Raphaël, and Jean-François Pigeon, sous-chef. The menu will offer classic dishes such as onion soup, truffle toast, egg mayonnaise or bone marrow.


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