From Monday, October 15, visitors to the Montreal Casino will be one more floor to visit. The fifth indeed four restaurants offer menus with authentic, fun for all tastes and all portfolios.

Announced in 2009, the modernization of the Montreal Casino provided a major shift service restaurant. The goal was to create an environment where the human heart is to experience.

Over the last two years, "the architects of the kitchen design and have used their creativity to design from scratch a unique place," said François Hanchay, CEO of Casino de Montreal, at the official opening in the presence of distinguished guests.

Not less than 522 customers can find a place on the fifth floor in a friendly atmosphere.

Here is an overview of the four restaurants that will officially open their doors in the coming days:

Le Montreal

  • À la carte restaurant
  • Modern kitchen and urban
  • Grill
  • View of the kitchen and the city center

Pavilion 67

  • Gourmet buffet
  • Abundance, freshness and flavor
  • Wink particular Expo 67

The instant

  • Sandwich with smoked meat, Montreal specialty
  • Counter pasta
  • Cooking fast and well done
  • Open 24/7


  • Asian counter
  • Four corners of Asia Szechwan dishes, Japanese, Thai and Korean
  • Dishes prepared in front of customers