The festival season is launched in Montreal with the start of the Francos. Everyone has chosen the show they want to attend. The evening promises to be beautiful and, to make it even more enjoyable, we organize an outing to the restaurant to start things off well.

However, it is not always easy to find a restaurant that will meet the expectations of a couple or a group of friends. If you are preparing your evening at the Francos, which takes place until June 22, 2024 in the Quartier des Spectacles, in the heart of Montreal, let us offer some choices where you can grab a bite before your show.

Les Francos has existed for 35 years now and celebrates French-speaking music by presenting artists for all tastes from all over the world.

Among the free outdoor shows presented this year, note the presence of Francis Cabrel, Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project, Souldia and Pomme. A tribute show to Jean-Pierre Ferland is also planned for Tuesday June 18.

There are also around 100 indoor shows for which you need to get tickets.

Here are some suggestions for restaurants located very close to the Quartier des Spectacles that will help you get your evening off to a good start at the Francos!


This restaurant offers you a culinary experience and an exceptional view of Place des Arts and the Quartier des Spectacles, on a terrace located in the heart of Montreal. Le Bivouac defines itself as a social lounge, a craft bar and a modern bistro, all at the same time.

With his urban and boreal cuisine, chef Xavier Dahan is proud to present his local menu made with the best local and seasonal ingredients. For example, try Quebec oysters, candied salmon glazed with birch syrup, a fillet of rainbow trout or Viennese veal escalope.

In your glass, find all kinds of artisanal drinks, signature cocktails and quality wines that will accompany your meal.

ITHQ restaurant

ITHQ is the acronym for Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Quebec. It is therefore here that the future of Quebec gastronomy is being formed. To do this, the ITHQ restaurant allows, during the school year, groups of graduating students to join the regular brigade, that is, the one made up of professionals who ensure high standards of quality, in the dining room and in the kitchen, to put the finishing touches on their studies.

You will find an impressive wine list whose head sommelier and maître d’ will be happy to explain in detail and guide you.

On the menu, find dishes modified according to the seasons. For example, asparagus from Quebec, a marinated fish crudo, a crispy pheasant stuffed with fine herbs and lardo di Colonnata, a Rossini-style veal fillet and cheese plates.

The pastry chefs are also hard at work to impress you: a sage cream, Quebec strawberries in sorbet and cucumbers in jelly!


This is the second Omma address, in the Quartier des Spectacles, after having worked hard and enjoyed success first on rue Bernard Ouest. The welcome and comfort as well as the atmosphere and the dishes make this restaurant a small place where we feel at home.

Specializing in Korean cuisine, keep an eye out for the choices on the menu: Korean-style bbq, Korean pancake, fried shrimp, crunchy rice with seven kinds of marinated vegetables, marinated tuna steak and spicy kimchi stew.

Vegetarian and other gluten-sensitive options are also on the menu. Get informed!


After Omma and her Korean cuisine, and before going to listen to French music later in the evening at Les Francos, let's continue this mix of culture specific to Montreal: we now suggest Biiru, a Japanese restaurant.

Some dishes are specially prepared on the grill, for example lacquered pork ribs, eel skewers, beef and cheese skewers and Moshi and bacon skewers.

A Ramen noodle option is a must, as are the salmon tartare and tatakis.


At the Mignonette restaurant, we serve art... like fine wines and tartars that everyone is talking about. You will discover new flavors with each visit!

The tartars are prepared with the freshest ingredients and quality foods. Discover the classics of the classics and several original creations.

The wine list is full of choice and you will find bottles from all over the world. The team on site is at the forefront to guide you in your choices, whether you are new or a regular.

Photo: Benoit Rousseau (Francos de Montréal, Facebook).