Working in the restaurant industry can be rewarding and exciting, but that doesn't mean it's a job without challenges. Waiters and waitresses have to juggle many different customers every day, and they sometimes encounter situations that can frustrate them beyond measure. In this unusual article, we will look at the 10 things that waiters and waitresses hate the most in their job. Get ready to experience some of the darker sides of this realm!

1. Rude and unpleasant customers:
Nothing annoys waiters and waitresses more than customers who behave disrespectfully. Incessant requests, derogatory remarks or failure to follow basic rules of good behavior can quickly put a strain on the nerves of staff.

2. Insufficient or non-existent tips:
Although tips are an integral part of the compensation of waiters and waitresses, it often happens that some customers do not understand the importance of this gratuity. Receiving an insufficient tip, or no tip at all, can be very discouraging.

3. Complex and exaggerated special orders:
Some customers are used to placing special orders that require special attention or complex modifications. Although waiters and waitresses are there to meet the needs of customers, overly complicated requests can be a source of frustration.

4. Customers camping at their table:
In the restaurant industry, time is precious. Customers who linger at their table after finishing their meal, leaving no room for other waiting customers, are a real frustration for the staff. This can lead to decreased income and increased stress.

5. Rowdy children:
Children can be adorable, but sometimes they can also be restless and rambunctious. Waiters and waitresses have to juggle these delicate situations, where children run around, shout or knock things over. This distracts them from their work and can create an unpleasant experience for other customers.

6. Customers who change their minds at the last minute:
Imagine taking an order and, at the last minute, the customer decides to change their mind or add additional items. This can disrupt workflow and sometimes cause errors in orders, which doesn't make anyone happy.

7. Customers who demand super-fast service:
Although waiters and waitresses do their best to respond quickly to customer needs, it is impossible to meet all service requests immediately. Customers who are impatient and express dissatisfaction with service that does not meet their expectations can put unnecessary pressure on staff.

8. Bad reviews online:
With the advent of online review platforms, bad reviews can spread quickly and affect a restaurant's reputation. Waiters and waitresses dread dissatisfied customers who leave negative reviews without giving the opportunity to resolve the problem on the spot.

9. Customers who complain about the wait:
When the restaurant is crowded and waiters and waitresses are running around to attend to everyone's needs, customers who complain about wait times can be particularly frustrating. The staff do their best to provide a pleasant experience, but there are limits to what can be done during busy times.

10. Late and Unpredictable Working Hours:
Finally, perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of working in the restaurant business is the irregular working hours. Waiters and waitresses often have to work late at night, on weekends and on holidays, which can disrupt their personal and social lives.

Although working in the restaurant industry can be exciting, waiters and waitresses often encounter situations that put them to the test. From rude customers to insufficient tips, to complex special requests, they face daily challenges to deliver quality service. So next time you go to a restaurant, keep these 10 things waiters and waitresses hate the most in mind, and try to make their experience a little more enjoyable!